Press Release: Bagudu presents N141.64 bn budget proposal for 2021 to Assembly

Kebbi State Governor, Senator Abubakar Atiku, on Wednesday, presented a budget proposal of over N 141.64 billion for 2021, to the State House of Assembly.

Bagudu said that, the figure includes grants and programme backed funds of development partners amounting to about over N18.1bn.

He added that , the Budget of Economic Rejuvenation has a Recurrent Expenditure provision of N49,506,039,786 and a Capital Expenditure of N92,138,230,333, representing 35% for Recurrent and 65% for Capital, respectively.

According to Bagudu, the 2021 Budget was prepared in line with the Federal Government's Fiscal outlook for the 2021 fiscal year.

He explained: " Based on the benchmarked oil price of $40 per barrel, there is a projection of 30% increase on Statutory allocation over the 2020 revised budget.

" Inflation rate was put at 11.95 and Exchange rate at N379 per Dollar.
IGR is marginally projected to increase compared to the revised 2020 Budget to N12 11 billion .

"Projected VAT increases from N12.07bn in 2020 to 16.56 billion in 2021.
Grants up from 15.9bn in the 2020 revised budget to 25.1 bn because of expected SFTAS (7bn), ATASP, National Urban Water Supply and a host of others.

"Our Miscellaneous Revenue projections have reduced from N9.9 in the revised 2020 Budget to N5.5 bn in the proposed 2021 budget."

Bagudu also disclosed that, the 2021 Budget which is designed to invigorate our economy, through massive investments in Agriculture, Infrastructure, Youth empowerment, Social Inclusion and the Development of SMEs.

"The 2021 Budget had therefore been themed as the Budget of Economic Rejuvenation which is expected to sustain our Agricultural drive, Youth empowerment and provide an enabling environment for SMEs to grow and pave way for industrial development of the State," the Governor, further stated .

Bagudu enumerated the recurrent revenue projection for 2021 to include an Opening Balance of 8,941,647,823, Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), N 12,200,790,747 and a Statutory Allocation of N42,117,096,330, totaling N63,259,534,900.

The Recurrent Expenditure Estimates for the incoming year include: Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges has 11,372,400,667, Personnel Cost has 21,418,907,936, Overhead Cost has N16,714,731,183 and
N49,506,039,786, totaling N49,506,039,786.

The Transfer to Capital Budget has a Recurrent Revenue of 63,259,534,900, Less Recurrent Expenditure of 49,506,039,786, as well as a
Recurrent Budget Surplus of N 13,753,495,114

The Capital Accounts Funds for 2021 are: Transfer from Recurrent Budget Surplus has 13,753,495,114, Value Added Tax (VAT), has 16,563,707,139, Internal Loans have 8,900,000,000, while External Loans have 804,262,180.

Similarly, Grants have 30,554,787,280, Sales of Government Assets have 16,025,134,503, Other FAAC Transfers and Miscellaneous Revenue are 5,536,844,117, totaling N 92,138,230,333

The Governor further stated that, the sum of N 92,138,230,333 has been allocated as Draft Capital Estimates, across all sectors.

According to the Kebbi State Governor, the 2021 Budget has prioritised certain sectors as the engine of growth and drivers of the State’s economy.

He disclosed: " Major allocations in this Budget are geared towards provision of improved Health care services, provision of quality Education, ICT Deployment, Youth and Social Development.

"To further co-ordinate youth empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship, a wards based mobilization programme “we can” is being introduced.

"It is to challenge our youth to identify their challenges on a localized basis i.e ward level, so that the need can be better appreciated and attended to. A sum of 1bn is proposed to unlock other sources funding for the programme.

"The social sector therefore has the highest allocation of 34.19% in the 2021 Budget."

Bagudu added that, the economic sector as the main growth driver of the State comprises of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Environment, Commerce, Works and Transport and Rural Electrification Board.

"This sector has the second highest allocation of N26,637,537,363 (about 28.91%) of the Capital Budget.

"The major allocations, are those under Agriculture for fertiliser, AADS, Electrification of some towns and villages and continuous construction and repairs of roads, culverts and bridges under Works and Transport.

"Over N6.5bn was allocated for Road construction in the 2021 Budget. Major allocations in the Ministry of Agriculture are for the purchase of Motorize planters and Rice Trans-planters, Agro processing equipment and fertilizer.

"Special attention will also be paid to Women in Agriculture. Seed capital for SMEs have been provided under the Ministry of Commerce.

" Honorable Members, there is a new initiative from the Federal Government, rolled out to States known as Covid-19 Action Response Economic Stimulus (CARES) programme for result.

" This programme is a $20m programme to be implemented in 2 years from 2021.The programme is meant to cushion the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on Farmers, SMEs and the Vulnerable in the Society."

He stated that, the Environment sector involves such important areas as Water, Housing, Sewage and Drainages, Town and Country Planning and Community Development.

Also, the Sector has been given high consideration with an allocation of N11,400,000.

The Kebbi Governor added: "Major areas of allocations in this sector are in the areas of Land acquisition and payment of compensations as our construction projects increase, construction of boreholes and hand pumps.

"This is in our bid to provide safe drinking water and improve sanitary facilities to our people. We have also made allocations for the Construction of about 2000 Housing Units at the cost of 5bn around the State."

Bagudu also described the Administrative Sector as the engine for the implementation of Government Policies and Programmes.

In the same vein, it houses the state's security provisions of about N3bn and provisions for SEMA.

Accordingly, the Sum of N 22,224,552,380 (24.12%) has been allocated to this Sector and it comprises such MDAs as the SSG’s office, SEMA, Justice, Finance, Budget, Judiciary and Women Affairs, amongst others.

Bagudu stated that, to say that, year 2020 has been a very challenging year is an understatement, as the nation and the state had to contend with Coronavirus pandemic and other economic challenges.

He said that, states had to sustain their economies and also mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their people .

The Governor explained that, the state had to contend with a serious case of flooding that had not been experienced in the last century.

Bagudu expressed delight that, in spite of the unfavourable economic climate, the state recorded some modest achievements.

He promised to sustain the feat, with the regular payment of salaries and other overhead as at when due, provision of security, as well as expend as much as required, to ensure the lives of the citizens and their well being.

Bagudu excitedly announced that the state had been adjudged by the World Bank as one of the best performing state in the implementation Better Education Service Delivery to All (BESDA).

He also said USAID commended the state during the last peer review meeting in Abuja, while the girl child education would be given priority in terms of improving their environmental learning condition with the effort of the state government.

Bagudu commended the State House of Assembly for expeditiously approving the 2020 budget, as well as its revised version .

He also acknowledged the extant cordial relations between the various arms of government, as well as appreciated the sustained support and cooperation of all the critical stakeholders in the State .

The Speaker of the Kebbi State House of Assembly, Right Hon. Samaila Abdulmumin Kamba said that, they were convinced that , Kebbi State was one of the best performing states in the nation .

He explained that, the house was to contribute to the good governance of the Bagudu-led administration as it has always been demonstrated.

The Speaker assured, will work round the clock, to ensure the speedy passage of the Appropriation Bill.

This, he noted, was for Kebbi State to continue to be on the frontline of the upright states in Nigeria.

The Speaker also promised that, the budget will be passed before January, 2021, in line with the new standard that every fiscal year should start from January, 2021.

The year 2021 budget has been tagged 'the Budget of Economic Rejuvenation' that is expected to sustain agricultural drives, youth empowerment, enabling environment for SMEs to thrive and pave way for industrial development of Kebbi state.

The Governor was accompanied to the budget presentation ceremony by the Secretary to the State Government, APC Chairman, members of the State Executive Council, Permanent Secretaries, Special Advisers, Local Government Chairmen among others.

Special Adviser (SA) Media to Kebbi State Governor

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